Germinating White Widow Seeds

Germinating White Widow Seeds

White widow seeds generally take from around 11- 13 weeks from start to finish.

Germinating these particular cannabis seeds usually takes around 3-4 days. Once germinated, place the partially rooted weed seeds into Rockwool cubes. After a week in the Rockwool the roots should start to poke through the bottom of the cubes. It is now time to place your Rockwool cubes with the marijuana seeds inside into the grow medium. White widow seeds are effective when grown in soil or hydroponically.

Depending on how much space will be needed as your plants mature, the vegetive stage with white widow seeds is about 3 weeks. Longer periods may be used if larger flowering plants are desired. During this time your plants should be between 10-15 inches tall as you switch to 12/12 flowering. The flowering stage for white widow marijuana plants should be between 8 to 9 weeks. During this time the buds will cover with beautiful white THC crystals - which is what give this plant it’s amazing potency. Your white widow plants will likely double in size during flowering! Wait for the stamens (the little white hairs) to turn brown, and the trichomes to turn cloudy, some even amber colored, before harvesting. Trim, dry, cure - and soon these lovely (although smelly!) white widow buds will be ready for some ganja love! You will be smoking some of the strongest cannabis in the world, so enjoy the ride!

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